Fair knowledge (2)-explanation of exhibition terms

Issuing time:2020-09-17 10:26

1. Comprehensive exhibition-Comprehensive exhibition is a relative concept. Generally, an exhibition with multiple professional exhibits is a comprehensive exhibition.

2. Professional exhibitions—Professional exhibitions are a relative concept, which are distinguished by the categories of their exhibits. Generally speaking, the scope of exhibits is within the first category of the national economic statistics category (for example: A. Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, fishery, B. Mining, C. Manufacturing, etc.) or in the second category of each single item The exhibitions within (for example: C-7. Special equipment manufacturing industry, C-19 cultural, educational and sports goods manufacturing industry, etc.) can be called professional exhibitions. Professional exhibitions can be held regularly, continuously, or irregularly.

    3. Exhibitions above the designated size—According to the actual situation of our country and referring to the provisions of existing documents, any "exhibition area" (ie "net area" of the exhibition) above 1,000 square meters can be counted as "Exhibitions above scale". Others are general exhibitions.

4. Exhibition area-"Exhibition area" refers to the "gross area" of the exhibition. The so-called "gross area" is the area of the exhibition venues used by the exhibition. In general, the "gross area" is also the total area rented by the exhibition organizer from the exhibition hall. "The exhibition area" refers to the "net area" of the exhibition. "Net area" refers to the area used by exhibitors during the exhibition and the area used by the exhibition. The above "gross area" and "net area" are divided into "indoor" and "outdoor".

    5. Exhibition company-the company that clearly lists "exhibitions and trade fairs" in the business scope of the company's business license is the exhibition company.

    6. Exhibition service company-"Holding exhibitions and trade fairs" is not listed in the business scope of the company's business license, but provides exhibition-related services, such as exhibition decoration, construction, transportation, information, and statistics , Advertising, printing, publicity, media and other service companies are exhibition service companies.

    7. Exhibition Organizing Institutions-Various units and institutions other than the exhibition company engaged in organizing exhibition activities are called exhibition organizing institutions.

    8. Exhibition practitioners-employees in enterprises, public institutions and social organizations directly related to the exhibition industry are collectively referred to as exhibition practitioners. These personnel are generally the staff of exhibition companies, exhibition service companies, exhibition organizing agencies and exhibition venues.

    Additional concepts:

   Standard booth (standard booth)-collectively referred to as 3x3 standard booth internationally, that is, 9 square meters of exhibition space.

Special decoration (special booth) ----- usually booths starting from 36 square meters (ie 4 standard booths) are special booths.

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